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Business is Now Mobile

Mobile is now the best way to promote and advertise your business. With millions of smartphones and tablets being used, The future of business is absolutely dependent on a STRONG WEB PRESENCE THATS ALSO MOBILE FRIENDLY.

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Outstanding Photography

Professional Photography isn't dead. In fact never has it been more important to a business. We all know how far smart phones have come in image quality. However, to be successful in your business you need precision exposures and pinpoint composition to highlight your products and services and set them apart from the competition.

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It needs to grow!

Your business needs customers to be successful. That will never change. But how do you get customers to visit? We use tools on-hand today that will catapult your place of business into a hot spot for locals and newbies alike!

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Highlight your best!

Do you have  Amazing Pancakes on your menu? Maybe an Outstanding Omelette. Whatever it is that makes you stand alone we help make sure that people know about it. Better yet we make sure they crave it!

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They're here! Now What?

Now you need to keep them coming back. Loyalty rewards and enticing programs keep your customers engaged and wanting more. This will translate into repeat business and establishing a core customer base.

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Food Feeds the belly but music feeds the soul.

What could be better on a Friday night than eating great food and listening to awesome live music? Not much and thats exactly how your customers feel.

But who's playing right now? Who's playing tomorrow?

Using GPS and Push Notification technology we deliver the right information to the right people at the right time and the right place.

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Social Advertising

The Future of your business advertising.

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Online Food Ordering

Food On-The-Go Made Easy For Your Business

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E-Commerce Has Gone Mobile!

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Drive your company’s digital transformation. Your Website and Mobile App should play a key role in your business workplace—Live Tour Network has a fully integrated advertising platform with a simplistic workflow. We leverage a unified advertising platform for your business that’s more efficient, effective, and engaging. We offer the management you need with all the tools to power every industry that modern businesses requires. Our team of creative experts manage and deliver high-quality advertising platforms, including website, mobile app, social media ads, email campaigns to any device that’s in the hands of your demanding clients.  See how our Advertising platforms can increase sales, drive collaboration, simplify your workflow, boost your brand, and spread institutional knowledge, and more.

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01 Why Do I Need Advertising?

An investment in advertising is just as important as investing in inventory and staff.

The real question is not DO I need advertising it's HOW MUCH advertising do I need? You may have the greatest products or services on the market but if no one is able to find you or your products what difference will it make? Advertising exposes people to your product and your brand.

02 Why Should I Go Mobile?

More than half of all consumers are using mobile devices.

According to official Google statements, more than 50% of search queries globally come from mobile devices (experts say this number is now closer to 60%). The category with the highest percentage of mobile search volume is “Food & Beverage” with 72%. Following the restaurant industry, is Health, Sports, News, Lifestyle, and Retail. Businesses in these industries, and many others, will instantly see results when going mobile.

03 Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page?

Facebook and other social media efforts can be effective when building customer interest.

However, it isn't going to do much if social media is all you are doing. It's only a part of an effective marketing plan. Facebook limits your control over those that see your posts. When a business uses Facebook and other social media platforms to encourage people to visit their website they are going to find more success in converting new customers. After all your website should be the core to your online presence. A website allows you to virtually take their hand and guide them through the information that will most likely answer their question and commit them as a new customer.

Design-Centric Philosophy

We believe that at the heart of every good product is an effective and engaging design. Utilizing eye-catching photography, emotion-evoking colors and fonts we strive to offer all of our clients a product that surpasses the competition and provides a beautiful experience for all who use it.

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